On Families of All Kinds with Andrew Solomon

Episode Summary

What happens when we bust the myth of the ideal nuclear family? How can we – as a society – embrace new family structures in all their diversity? And what kinds of beautiful possibilities arise when we do? In this episode, host Lucy Kalanithi is joined by Andrew Solomon, writer, lecturer, winner of the National Book Award, and parent. Andrew’s works include the audiobook New Family Values.

Episode Notes

Lucy Kalanithi and Andrew Solomon explore what becomes possible when we bust the myth of the ideal nuclear family.

Curious about the poem you heard in this week’s episode? It was Ada Limón’s “The Raincoat,” read by her.

Find Andrew Solomon’s audiobook New Family Values – redefining what it means to be an “ideal” American family – on Audible here.

His book, Far From the Tree – about parents, children and the search for identity – won the National Book Critics Circle Award and has since been made into a feature film documentary.

Learn more about Andrew’s family through his essay “Welcome to My Modern Family.”

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